World Hello Day 2018

During the week leading up to National ‘World Hello Day’ the children have been celebrating our wonderful multi-cultural community. Children from each class explored the culture and traditions of a chosen country. This was either a country from which a child within the class originates or their class topic. As this event is about bringing people together it was fantastic to see so many family members and visitors from our local community, including the Mayor, come into the hall to celebrate. The market stalls on which each class presented food, artefacts, images, information learnt and flags showed a great depth of learning. All children and visitors said ‘hello’ to as many people as possible in their chosen language. Both the EYFS/KS1 and the KS2 end of the event celebration where all children came together to say ‘hello’ in their class’ chosen language, performs songs and share something they have learnt were fantastic. Visitors spoke incredibly positively about the event and the children are all looking forward to learning about other cultures throughout the year through activities such as acknowledging National days, saying the register in different languages, learning about cultures in topic work and reading books from around the world