Global Learning Project - Reception

Following the great succes of achieveing full 'International School' status and some very exciting Comenius projects, the most recent led by Mrs Brown 'playful puppets' we have recently become involved in the 'Global Learning Programme' which provides us with training and a network of other school with which to share good practice. The Global learning programme will teach young people about real world issues and ask them to think critically.

We start in Reception by thinking about people and how we are different and the similar.

DSC09963   DSC09966


We started by playing games where we had to stand up if we had blond hair, blue eyes, ten toes and swop places with someone else who is standing up. We then had to put our hand on our head if we had two ears, were shorter than the teacher etc. the children really enjoyed the games.

DSC09967 DSC09968 DSC09969

They then were given half a face image like the ones below and asked to find the person with the matching picture. When they were all sat with their pairs we talked about how they knew that was the same person. They found this a bit tricky but could easily say why it wasn't another image. The were without realising it talking about differences and similarities.

faces 2     DSC09977

We recorded our learning using a mind map (above). We talked about how people come from lots of different countries and this may explain some of our differences. We spent time looking at maps and atlases, finding countries where children in our class were from. They talked about their experiences.

The children have also been using the book "You Choose' as stimuli for talking about places in the world and also the next element of our work 'basic needs'. We have started by focusing on 'Homes' and why we have them eg. to keep us warm, safe, dry etc.

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