Pupil Interviews Autumn 2


Pupil Interviews Autumn 2


Pupils were interviewed on their Historical and Geographical knowledge. A sample of 3 children from each class from Years 1- 6 were asked a selection of questions. They were asked if they enjoyed the History or Geography based topics that take place in the afternoons. Most children said they enjoyed their topics and were able to recall the topics they had recently covered. They were asked to explain the meaning of some Historical or Geographical vocabulary.


Cameron (Year 1) told me "The past is something that happens years and years ago".


Jake (Year 2) told me "A time line shows events from the oldest to the newest".


Markuss (Year 4) told me "A time line shows historical events that have already happened."


Jasmine (Year 6) told me "A time line shows different places and people in time."


Jacob (Year 3) told me "A map tells you where places and roads are."


Kamila (Year 5) told me "An atlas is a book of the world, it shows the continents."


The children were also asked about the key skills that they use within History and Geography.


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Kamila (Year 5) told me that she "enjoyed using an atlas to find the countries and continents."


Imena (Year 5) told me that "using my reading skills in History helps me learn."


Mathias (Year 5) told me about creating a time line with events in chronological order.


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Markuss (Year 4) told me how he has used maps to locate different places.


Abigail (Year 4) told me about creating a time line to show events in Ancient Egypt.


Jacob (Year 4) told me about how he had used a globe to find places in the world.


Key Stage 1 children discussed how they could draw maps showing the route from home to school. They also talked about creating their own time lines.



From the discussions with pupils it was clear that they are beginning to identify the key skills with History and Geography. Also it was clear that they were growing in  confident where Historical and Geographical vocabulary was concerned.  



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