New Curriculum in PSHE at Bishop King School

How do we teach PSHE at Bishop King?

At Bishop King School we teach PSHE through an approach called 'Philosophy for children.' We aim to create an environment where children feel that they have the freedom to explore ideas and ask questions in all areas of school life. Philosophy for children is an important way of teaching and developing the questioning and critical thinking skills, which are reflected in the new National Curriculum. Philosophy for children activities can be used in all subjects across the curriculum and it is important that children learn to transfer their skills in other areas of their learning. 


The New curriculum

In the new curriculum PSHE is split into 3 key areas: 


Health and Wellbeing


Living in the wider world


Philosophy for children allows for all of these three areas to be explored and discussed whilst also addressing the vital social and emotional skills highlighted within the curriculum. 

Please see attached where our objectives for our philosophy lessons will be selected from. Please note not ALL objectives will be covered as this would result in unnatural 'forced' experiences for the chilren. Therefore objectives will be selected to suit the children and their needs. 

In addition to this, to ensure that children receive the appropriate education on specific issues such as sex education and drugs and alcohol education, road safety and anti-bullying, specific PSHE lessons and activities will also be taught to children throughout the year.


Next Steps: 

Our PSHE curriculum also links closely with our RE curriculum and our church school values. As part of the monitoring and evaluation process I concluded that our next steps would include making closer links with philosophy for children and our church school values. Therefore, this will be explored and trialled this year.