08/03/2021   Wellbeing - Letter to Parents and Children

Dear Parents/Carers and Children of Bishop King,

We just wanted to write a letter to you all to share a little something with you.

This last year has challenged us in many ways as a Church School Family. However, what we would like to share is our thanks, appreciation and to say how unbelievably proud of you we are. To the children, you have shown resilience, confidence and adaptability during your learning time at Bishop King with the upmost perseverance and determination. Although there are things you feel you may have missed, there is actually so much you have gained. By powering through the challenges of COVID-19, you have shown yourself how strong you actually are and how you really do have the coping skills to overcome any challenges you may face.

We welcome you all back to our life at Bishop King with a positive outlook to the future. What this future will be, we cannot be sure. What we are sure of is that our support for you and your family will always be our priority. We are here for you. We know we need time to reconnect, we know we need time and space to reflect and digest what has happened over the last year. We know you’ll want to be outdoors, you’ll want to play with your friends and we know you are all keen to get back to our usual way of learning. We are dedicated to nurture and provide you with the support for your learning, emotional and wellbeing needs and provide you with opportunities to feel safe and secure.

Together, we will get through this next stage of this pandemic one step at a time. We will continue to aspire to be our true selves working together with compassion and respect for all. We are so proud of you all. Thank you to Parents and Carers for trusting us and supporting your children over the most difficult of times, we could not have done this without your support.

Here’s to a safer, happier and healthier future. We are here for you all, whenever you need us.

Thank you,

Mrs Thorpe

Nurture Group Leader