13/10/2021   Working Together to Keep our Children Safe - Online/TV

Dear Parent/Carers,
It has come to our attention that some of our children have shared interest and conversations within school about 'Squid Game'. 'Squid Game' is a recently released drama series on Netflix with the age rating of 15. This series includes sexual violence references, injury detail, crude humour, sex, suicide, sexual images, violence and is not appropriate to be viewed by our children. Not only can this be found on Netflix, but children may also access this via TikTok. TikTok allows children to see short clips of the series including 'behind the scenes' where it is shown how the series is made. May we also remind you that TikTok also has an age rating of 13 years old. Could you please be aware that the majority of social media apps and certain Xbox and Playstation games range from 13 - 18 years old and our children should not be exposed to them. 
Please encourage your child to only play games that are appropriate for their age.  Please ensure your child is safe whilst playing online too. Through our PSHE learning, we focus a lot on how to be safe online, ensuring online gaming is safe and to ensure that no child is in contact or communication with someone they do not know. Please reiterate the risks of being online that would be very helpful to us to ensure the safety of your child.
Thank you for your help, support and understanding.