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Nursery - Summer Term 6 2020 Curriculum Overview

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Welcome back to Nursery!

 Welcome back to Nursery! 


 We are so excited to welcome you back to Nursery, but we do appreciate that you, and your parents, all may be a little nervous. 
 Please don’t worry Mrs Brown and Mrs Logan are going to look after you and explain what to do. 
Some things in Nursery will look at little different. This is to keep us all safe.
 You are going to be coming to Nursery for a shorter time. We will still have lots of time to play, explore and learn.
 We will meet you at the Nursery gate and take you into Nursery each day.
 There will be fewer children. This is so we can stand and play a little bit further apart.

 We will be spending lots of time outside so don’t forget your coat or sun hat.



We are going to have some new rules and routines in nursery.
One thing we will be doing a lot of is washing hands, especially if you have sneezed or coughed and before we eat or play with a new toy.




           You will have your own resources to play with.        
You will have your own place to sit.
However, some parts of Nursery will look the same.
Lots of the different learning areas will still be there eg. construction, water, writing, creative, small world, book corner, fine motor and number.
We will still go into our outdoor area and garden to play and explore.
We can still use the bikes.
We will have group, story, singing and snack time all together.
Please remember to be kind to each other as your friends may be a little worried too.
For more information please watch a Lincolnshire County Council film below about returning to school.
Home Learning - Nursery
Foundation Stage Vocabulary - Term 5
Chinese New Year 2020

The children have really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. They had a go at using chopsticks in the role play, dressed in traditional Chinese clothes, learnt about the importance of the colour red and made marks that represent Chinese writing. The highlight for them was watching dragon dances on the interactive white board. They then used beaters to make the drums sounds they had heard and scarves to create their own dragon dances.


World Hello Day - 21st November 2019

At Bishop King we always celebrate our diverse community on World Hello Day, which is the 21st November. This day reminds us of the importance of using communication as a form of resolving conflict. In Nursery we choose the country England and made flags using our printing skills. We also print dove handprints as a symbol of peace and invited our parents into school for afternoon tea. 


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