Year 3

3B Timetable 2019

3B Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

3K Timetable 2019

3K Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

Year 3 Term 1 - Autumn Curriculum Overview

Year 4

4C Timetable 2019

4C Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

4M Timetable 2019

4M Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

Year 4 Term 1 - Autumn Curriculum Overview

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3B - Imperative Verbs

3B have been focusing on instructions this term, looking at 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. Here we are planning our to write our set of instructions. We needed to make sure we had the title, what we will need, the method, imperative verbs and prepositions.


Year 3 -Following Instructions

Year Three had to read and follow instructions this morning. The end result was a woolly mammoth!


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