Ofsted and Performance Data

Bishop King CE Primary is a GOOD School and an OUTSTANDING Church School!

Section 48 - June 2016

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Bishop King Church of England Primary School as a Church of England school are 'OUTSTANDING'!

Established strengths

  • The Christian ethos of this school is well established and explicit. Christian values are understood, shared, and consistently lived out by the whole school community.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is exceptional and the school’s Christian ethos has a major impact on their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development.
  • A nurturing Christian environment incorporates high quality teaching and learning experiences for all pupils.

Section 5 - January 2016

Bishop King CE Primary is a Good school.

Strengths of the school

The determined and effective leadership and management of the headteacher, supported well by other leaders, have ensured that the school has improved substantially since it was last inspected.

Because of good-quality provision and effective leadership and management, children make good progress in the early years.

Throughout the school, all pupils now make much better progress than at the time of the previous inspection.

The large proportion of pupils who join the school with little or no English soon become confident in speaking, reading and writing and are thoroughly prepared for life in their new country.

The vast majority of teaching is good and ensures that pupils make good progress.

The longer pupils remain in the school, the better they achieve.

Pupils enjoy coming to school, attend regularly, concentrate in lessons and work hard.

They behave well, relate well to adults and other pupils and show very positive attitudes to learning.

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social development is given high priority throughout the school.

The school places strong emphasis on promoting British values and a Christian way of life and pupils benefit from this.

Pupils are taught to respect people from other countries or with different languages, beliefs or ways of life.

Governance has been completely reviewed and overhauled since the last inspection and the governing body knows the school well, and plays an important part in helping make the school better.

The vast majority of parents hold the school in very high regard.

It is not yet an Oustanding school because:

The most-able pupils are sometimes not sufficiently challenged or supported to do their very best. The curriculum is not always sufficiently modified to fully meet the needs of the most able.

Teaching is not yet outstanding. In a small minority of classes, teachers do not use assessment fully or provide sufficient guidance to help pupils see how they should improve their work.

Bishop King SIAMS Report

Ofsted Report - The Lincoln Bishop King Church of England Primary School Final Version

Performance Data


- Due to Covid-19, there is no Performance Data for 2020-2021, apart from Y2 phonics screening:

- Dec 2020: Y2 Phonics Screening Test: 80% met the expected standard; this is above the national figure of 78%


- Due to Covid-19, there is no Performance Data for 2019-2020


July 2019: Department for Education school performance link: Compare School Performance