Year 5

5L Timetable 2019

5L Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

5T Timetable 2019

5T Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

Year 5 Term 1 - Autumn Curriculum Overview

Year 6

6F Timetable 2019

6F Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

6M Timetable 2019

6M Vocabulary Autumn Term 1

Year 6 Term 1 - Autumn Curriculum Overview


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5T - RE - Easter Story

5T acting scenes from the Easter Story in RE. Using pictures depicted in the Stations of the Cross, children discussed how each picture related to Jesus' story and then acted them out for the rest of the class to try and work out which scene it is.



Y6 - Knots and Crosses

Year 6 children using our newly revamped outside area playing a game of knots and crosses.


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