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International Schools Award

Fantastic News! - We have successfully gained re-accreditation of our International School Award 2019-2022!
This involved us providing evidence to show that our international ethos is integrated in all areas of learning, alongside completing a range of International projects. We received some really positive feedback from our external assessor.
The collaborative activities all work well the first two really helping to answer some of these bigger questions for pupils, which your curriculum thrives upon.
Your third activity linked with the Polish schools gives a real opportunity for those pupils in Year 5 to have a purpose for writing but also to be able to verbally explain to visitors - a very enriching activity for all involved. Well done for being able to access KA1 funding to develop French language teaching this will hopefully have a long term benefit and although you explain that next year there will be more cultural aspects it can only be assumed that the topics covered will have explored some of the cultural similarities and differences. 
Your celebration of your joint heritage and your use of World Book Day are empowering for the different groups within the school and that confidence building and inclusive element will last longer than the activities. It is great that you have also been able to involve your school and wider community. 
Your final activity really builds on the understanding you would have developed whilst being a GLP Network school and is one that pupils really embrace, again good use of literature to create a more cross curricula feel to the activity and that the pupils were able to promote Eco School. 
You have worked hard to continue with your ambassadorial role following on from GLP and this will have been a great help to the other schools in your Erasmus project. 
The perspective obviously permeates your school , through the appointment of multilingual teachers to the recognition and respect you give your whole school population and your encouragement to develop critical thinking through the P4C. Good luck with the second year of your Erasmus project and keep giving your pupils a real sense of the extended world. Congratulations to all involved!"
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Music from around the World

The children in Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed participating in some Samba drumming with an external provider who has visited the school as part of our work on exploring different types of music from around the world.


Our Polish friends have written to us again!!!

The children in Y6 were excited to receive another parcel from our Polish partners.

This time it was a booklet that the children had made to tell them about their town and local area.

This made our children even more curious about their friends and wish they could go and visit them. 


World Water Day

The children in Year 6 had a virtual visit for World Water Day where they learnt about how water is being wasted and what we could do to change that, for example: take 4 minute showers, only boil kettle for how many cups you need, turn taps off when brushing teeth. The children made posters to display around school to ‘spread the word’ about the importance of saving water and act as a reminder to all.

Two pupils them felt so strongly about this issue that they produced posters in their lunch break to increase awareness within our school community.


Celebrating our wonderful hertitage and supporting our children with English as an Additional language - E-pens

Thanks to some funding from the Rotary club we have purchased some more e-pens. These are a fantastic resource for supporting our children with English as an Additional Language. 

Teachers have commented that the use of the pens alongside the dictionaries have impacted on pupil ‘engagement in class through development of their key word vocabulary’ and using with them non-fiction books has increased their ‘exposure to a range of languages and multi-cultural stories’. 

They provide  a nurturing opportunity as listening to a story in their home language gives them a feeling of comfort. ‘Providing other children to listen to a story in another language leads to empathy with our EAL pupils’. Through ‘exposure of the other language the children will develop an interest in Geography and will be curious to find out where these countries are in the world’.

It has also provided staff with the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and pronunciation of key vocabulary in different languages’. Thus supporting teachers with ‘language of the moment’ discussions.

Our headteacher describes the use of these e-pens as having a huge impact on the development of ‘survival language’ for our new to English speakers. 


National French Day 2022

As a celebration of the French language work we complete in school, and to provide the children with the opportunity to find out about French culture and traditions we celebrated ‘National French Day on Monday 21st March (the actual day was Sunday 20th).

During this day children tasted French food, which they ordered in French, listened to music by French composers, completed art images in the style of Monet, took part in a French orienteering activities and creating fact files using a range of information sources. The children also had the chance to celebrate their achievements in French through being recorded speaking French. 


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