International Schools Award

Fantastic News! - We have successfully gained re-accreditation of our International School Award 2019-2022!
This involved us providing evidence to show that our international ethos is integrated in all areas of learning, alongside completing a range of International projects. We received some really positive feedback from our external assessor.
The collaborative activities all work well the first two really helping to answer some of these bigger questions for pupils, which your curriculum thrives upon.
Your third activity linked with the Polish schools gives a real opportunity for those pupils in Year 5 to have a purpose for writing but also to be able to verbally explain to visitors - a very enriching activity for all involved. Well done for being able to access KA1 funding to develop French language teaching this will hopefully have a long term benefit and although you explain that next year there will be more cultural aspects it can only be assumed that the topics covered will have explored some of the cultural similarities and differences. 
Your celebration of your joint heritage and your use of World Book Day are empowering for the different groups within the school and that confidence building and inclusive element will last longer than the activities. It is great that you have also been able to involve your school and wider community. 
Your final activity really builds on the understanding you would have developed whilst being a GLP Network school and is one that pupils really embrace, again good use of literature to create a more cross curricula feel to the activity and that the pupils were able to promote Eco School. 
You have worked hard to continue with your ambassadorial role following on from GLP and this will have been a great help to the other schools in your Erasmus project. 
The perspective obviously permeates your school , through the appointment of multilingual teachers to the recognition and respect you give your whole school population and your encouragement to develop critical thinking through the P4C. Good luck with the second year of your Erasmus project and keep giving your pupils a real sense of the extended world. Congratulations to all involved!"
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Chinese New Year 2020

Children in Early Years enjoyed dressing in traditional Chinese outfits while they used their fine motor skills to explore chopsticks in the role play. They also had a go at writing some Chinese symbols, listened to a story about a Little Chinese boy who loved noodles, tasted traditional Chinese food, made up dragon dances, made money pockets and watch film clips about how people celebrate Chinese New Year.



World Hello Day - 21st November 2019

World Hello Day is celebrated on the 21st November every year. At Bishop King it is an important day in our school calendar. It focuses on bringing people together through using language and communication to break down boundaries and resolve conflict. We use it as an opportunity to not only learn about new cultures but celebrate our diverse community.


Environment Project

Think Globally, Act Locally.

The aims of this project were to increase awareness of current environmental issues. Through a range of activities, the children have developed an understanding of ways they can help the environment as individuals, as a school, in their community and throughout their home life. Therefore broadening the children’s knowledge and understanding of current global environmental issues and hopefully encouraging the children to think more about their own carbon footprint. The project started on World Environment Day on the 5th June 2019 but will continued well beyond the planned month of June. It has definitely been seen as a turning point for change throughout the school with all staff members and children making small changes in their everyday lives. We have been so inspired by the work completed that we are now applying to become an Eco-school. Finally through developing their geographical awareness of issues facing different parts of the world they will develop as Global citizens.


'Curriculum, Culture and Communication' Project

02/05/2019 - Four members of staff travelled to Elblag in Poland as part of the Erasmus KA2 project 'Culture, Curriculum and Communication'. During their trip they took part in lessons, learnt about the Polish key text for the project 'The Baker Boy', visited a museum to find out about Polish local culture and traditions, were provided with the opportunity to practise some Polish and carried out risk assessments in preparation for our children travelling over in May.

21/01/19 - This week we welcomed teachers from our 3 partner schools in Elblag Poland as part of the project 'Curriculum, Culture and Communication'. During their time with us they listened to a presentation about the school and enjoyed a lengthy tour, during which they spoke to children and staff in detail about school routines, environment, curriculum and behavioural expectations. They were incredibly impressed by all aspects of our school, particularly pupil behaviour. The children who originate from Poland very enthusiastically took the lead and confidently spoke to the teachers, in their home language, about school life.

Over the next two years Bishop King is involved in a really exciting project with St Peters at Gowts Primary School, Monks Abbey Primary School and three Primary schools in Elblag, Poland. The project is entitled Culture, Curriculum and Communication and involves teachers and children from the Lincoln schools travelling to Poland. Today, 10th January, the children from all three Lincoln schools, who will travel to Poland this year, spend the afternoon getting to know each other and preparing for the Polish teachers visit on the 21st January. They took part in 'getting to know you' activities, made International Ambassador profiles and created Lincoln Castle fact files for the Polish teachers to use during their visit to the castle. 


Polish Visitors 2019

This week we hosted some children and teachers from Poland as part of our Erasmus KA2 project 'Culture, Curriculum and Communication'. Our children and Polish visitors had a fantastic time visiting Sherwood forest to learn about Robin Hood, walking to the South Common to draw the Lincoln Cityscape, making collaborative flags based on both National flags, working in pairs to make comic strips and completing lots of team building games.


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