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Global Learning Long Term Overview 2021-2022

Erasmus KA2 Culture, Curriculum and Communication 14th June 2021 Staff Training

Equality Information and Objectives - March 2021
The Equality Act 2010
Sustainable Development Goals 2020
Global Learning Key Skills
Global Learning Key Elements

Global Learning Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement 2020-21

International and Global Learning Policy

Global Learning Monitoring:

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International Schools Award

Fantastic News! - We have successfully gained re-accreditation of our International School Award 2019-2022!
This involved us providing evidence to show that our international ethos is integrated in all areas of learning, alongside completing a range of International projects. We received some really positive feedback from our external assessor.
The collaborative activities all work well the first two really helping to answer some of these bigger questions for pupils, which your curriculum thrives upon.
Your third activity linked with the Polish schools gives a real opportunity for those pupils in Year 5 to have a purpose for writing but also to be able to verbally explain to visitors - a very enriching activity for all involved. Well done for being able to access KA1 funding to develop French language teaching this will hopefully have a long term benefit and although you explain that next year there will be more cultural aspects it can only be assumed that the topics covered will have explored some of the cultural similarities and differences. 
Your celebration of your joint heritage and your use of World Book Day are empowering for the different groups within the school and that confidence building and inclusive element will last longer than the activities. It is great that you have also been able to involve your school and wider community. 
Your final activity really builds on the understanding you would have developed whilst being a GLP Network school and is one that pupils really embrace, again good use of literature to create a more cross curricula feel to the activity and that the pupils were able to promote Eco School. 
You have worked hard to continue with your ambassadorial role following on from GLP and this will have been a great help to the other schools in your Erasmus project. 
The perspective obviously permeates your school , through the appointment of multilingual teachers to the recognition and respect you give your whole school population and your encouragement to develop critical thinking through the P4C. Good luck with the second year of your Erasmus project and keep giving your pupils a real sense of the extended world. Congratulations to all involved!"
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International Schools Award - 2021/2022

We are currently in the process of applying for the reaccreditation of our International School Award. This Year, 2021/22, our International projects are: 

  1. Small Steps to solve big problem – an environmental project with one of our partner schools in Poland. Focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals and Picture News the children will work together to identify environmental issues and look at ways of having a positive impact on these, however small.
  2. What make you happy? – an Early Years/Key Stage One project with two partner schools. One in Italy and the other in India. Children to exchange pictures, images and films about being happy.
  3. Penpals – working with one of the Polish partner schools from our most recent Erasmus KA2 project, alongside another Polish school and our Connecting Classroom partner school in Uganda. Children to exchange cultural information through letters.
  4. Learning a language together – embedding a new French scheme into the Key Stage 2 curriculum whilst working with local Secondary schools to ensure children are ready for KS3. As well as a French Day which will be an opportunity to find out about French culture, as well as provide KS2 with opportunity to share learning and prepare KS1 for learning French in KS2.
  5. Celebrating our wonderful, unique heritage – celebrating our multicultural community in a variety of ways, thus ensuring children are given the opportunity to share their culture as well as find out about the culture and traditions of their peers.
  6. Music from around the world – exploring music from a wide variety of countries through ‘composer of the month’, our current music scheme ‘Charanga’ and external providers. This will lead to a concert on ‘World Music Day’ in June.
  7. Human rights – using Sustainable Development Goals and the convention of ‘The rights of a child’ to identify the differences and similarities between children’s daily lives around the world and how this links to human rights.
Erasmus KA2 Culture, Curriculum and Communication.
This project has come to an end. Although it was a shame that the global pandemic has impacted on the project, in terms of travel, you can see from the documents below that the children of Bishop King and other partner schools have still benefitted greatly from participating. 
Children from Bishop King said that:
'It gave them a purpose to use their first language'.
Teachers from partner schools in Poland commented about the
'friendly atmosphere, mutual respect, celebration of personal culture of each child, behaviour and smiling staff' when visiting Bishop King. They described it as an 'inspirational school and experience, which broadened horizons and impacted on their knowledge of teaching methods in the UK'.
Erasmus KA2 Culture, Curriculum and Communication
Due to our children and staff not being able to travel to Poland for the last 2 mobilities of this project, children from all 6 schools have taken part in a virtual mobility.
For this the children at Bishop King created a virtual tour of the school.
Global Learning - Staff Training
During staff training on the 16th June 2021 staff were reminded of the different strands of Global Learning in BK.

1.     Knowledge of the wider world

2.     Awareness of other cultures and their similarities and differences

3.     Knowledge of recent news events from around the world

They were all reminded of the list of website which contain a wide range of activities and resources eg. Global dimensions, Fairtrade, Risc, Global Learning and Global Goals. 

The all, in year group teams, completed a Global themed activity on their table and shared it with the rest of the staff.

In order to ensure that our Intent statement reflected the whole school community. The staff completed an activity where they wrote about what skills, knowledge and values they thought a ‘Global Learner’ should have.


Erasmus KA2 Culture, Curriculum and Communications

As part of our Erasmus KA2 – Culture, Curriculum and Communications staff from two partner schools delivered some training to all 6 partner schools on Monday 14th June. 

One of the Polish schools delivered a fantastic powerpoint about returning to school after the National Lockdown. This was really interesting. Their focus was completely on the well-being of all pupils. There were no tests and won’t be for the rest of the year. Classes were more interactive, more outdoor learning/activities and a big focus on all being together. They discussed how they had changed during Lockdown and how they felt about seeing their friends again. They had several large trips with children from different classes all going together. These involved a big bike ride, visits to trampoline parks, campfire trips, theme parks, the cinema and sleepovers.


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