We are pleased to tell you that Bishop King will be using WisePay from November 2020.

WisePay is a secure online payment service which allows parents and carers to make payments via debit/credit card for school meals, breakfast club and much more.

Please be aware that our prices for school meals have been amended to improve our current systems;

KS2 - £2.30 per day / £11.50 per week

Nursery - £1.60 per day / £8 per week

If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals, please click here.

Wisepay Information - for Parents

Please take time to read the information below.

If you need further information, queries regarding Wisepay can be sent to

First Use

Bishop King will provide parents/guardians with a Wisepay username and password.

When you log in with these you will have the option to supply your email address to use as your username from your next login. Once you have registered your email address, you will be able to change your Wisepay password to something more memorable. From this point onwards, you will be able to use your email address as your Wisepay username along with your newly created Wisepay password.

Wisepay Phone App

Wisepay provide a phone app which can be downloaded from the WisePay website. Available for Apple and Android devices.

When setting up the phone app, you will need to enter the Bishop King School code which can be found below:

The Bishop King school code for the Wisepay Phone App will be confirmed from the start date of Wisepay.

Making Payments

Click on one of the WisePay links on the Bishop King Website - Link will be added in due course.

Log in with your Wisepay account (either the one supplied by Bishop King or the email address and password you have registered since).

Choose the section you wish to make payment for. Click on the picture and it will give you the selection of items your child has been invited to buy. 

If you have any difficulties doing this is please give us a call on 01522 880094 where we will be happy to help.