09/09/2020   Letter to Y6 Parents - How to apply for Secondary School Place

This letter has been sent out to all Year 6 parents via our email system also.

Dear Parent or Carer,


This letter is to tell you about how to apply for a school place for September 2021. We coordinate admissions within Lincolnshire for all children who are about to start in reception, transfer from infant to junior school, or transfer to a secondary school. Without exception everyone must apply for a school place and follow the procedures set out in the guidance. If you do not currently live in Lincolnshire, you must apply through your own home Local Authority. If they do not send you information about how to do this you will need to contact them.

I’m sure the process will run smoothly for you. If you need help, please remember that the staff at your local school will be glad to assist in any way. You can also contact us via e-mail at or on the phone number above.

You can apply from 9th September 2020.The vast majority of parents or carers use the online application system, which can be found on our website at Telephone support is available to help you with applying online. If you do not have a computer you can use most mobile devices and libraries have computers with free internet access.

You will have six weeks to complete your application and send it back to us. Normally during this time the secondary schools will have their open evenings, although some have them earlier before the children break up for the summer holiday. If these are still happening in this current climate, schools will usually advertise these on their website and in the local press. We encourage everyone to go along and visit the schools, ask questions and pick up a school prospectus. You can ask for a copy of the admission policy also while you are there.

You can apply for up to three different schools and we strongly recommend you do list three schools in the priority order that you would want to be offered. You will only receive one offer of a school place and if we can offer your highest preference school we will do.

If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan, you do not need to apply for a secondary school place using this process. You will be contacted by your caseworker in the Autumn term when you will have the opportunity to say which secondary school you would like your child to attend.

If you think you might like to apply for your child to go to a grammar school you will need to arrange for them to sit the 11+ selection tests. If you have not already arranged this you should contact the grammar school direct. The results are posted out on 21 October, before our deadline of 31 October and this should help you decide whether to apply for a grammar school or not.

If your child is currently working outside of their date of birth cohort i.e. they have been held back a year or moved forward a year, please contact us for further advice on the phone number above or e-mail:- You should still apply with your correct cohort.

If you require support with your online application or want to make a telephone application please call the Education Team on 01522 782030.

Lots of guidance and advice is available online at It is important to read this very carefully so that you understand how we will deal with your application. On our website you will find lots of information about the co-ordinated admissions process as well as links to schools' websites, Ofsted reports, school performance information and lots more. Make sure you have all the information you need before you fill in your application.

In addition there is also the ‘Going to Secondary School in Lincolnshire’ booklet available on our website which contains information about the admissions process and details about all Lincolnshire schools which you may find useful.

It is important that we receive your application by the closing date 31 October 2020. If you apply after this date we cannot guarantee that your application will be considered along with all others for the national offer date of 1st March.

Please make sure we have your correct address. You must apply using the address where you and your child are living at the time of the application; using any other address might be considered "misleading" and could lead to an offered place being withdrawn. If your family circumstances are such that you are unsure whether you can apply based on an address please email us for advice. If you move house at any time after you have made your application, you must let us know and provide proof that you are resident in your new address, otherwise your old address may continue to be used.


If home to school transport is an important factor in your decision about your preferred school, please take the time to read the information on the Local Authority's website at: before completing your application. You can also contact the School Transport team on 01522 782020 for further information.

After you receive your offer of a school place in March you can apply for home to school transport.

Yours sincerely

School Admissions