01/10/2020   E-Safety Information

Dear Parents and Carers

Re - Supporting your child online

During recent lessons exploring ‘Internet Safety’ and ‘Keeping Safe Online’ we have been given an opportunity to provide additional support to keep our children safe online.

Worryingly, we are now aware that lots of our children, especially in Key Stage Two, are engaging in apps that are not appropriate for their age. Through discussions in the classroom, some children have made our staff aware that they are able to talk to strangers and other children they may not know in these games, apps and other social media.

Please take care looking through the age restrictions on the attachment. Please ensure that your child only has access to apps, games and other online platforms suitable for their age.

It has been known that children, who have access to games not appropriate for their age or has been exposed to social media, have an increased risk of negative experiences.  This may include feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, risk of self-harm and suicidal thoughts. This may also influence children to feel inadequate about their life or appearance.

Please take time with your child to discuss the use of social media, apps and games at home. We will continue to support the children with Internet Safety through our PSHE and ICT learning.

Thank you,

Mrs S Thorpe


Nurture Group Leader