01/11/2021   The Great BK Bulb Plant

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Re: ‘The Great BK Bulb Plant’

At Bishop King Primary School we teach our children about our British Values. Alongside this, we embrace the many cultural differences and backgrounds that make up our cohort of children.

During November, in a communal outdoor space, we would like to celebrate our diversity, by planting a host of colourful tulip bulbs that represent our different nationalities, as a whole school project. 

If you would like to be involved, then simply send your child to school with one or more tulip bulbs, in a colour that represents your country’s flag. For instance, if you were born in England, you could donate a red or white bulb.

The ‘Great BK Bulb Plant’ will take place throughout the school day on Thursday 11th November, where your child will be able to plant your family’s bulb.

Each bulb planted will represent our diverse and inclusive family at Bishop King, creating a wonderful rainbow of colours in the Springtime.

Kind Regards

Mrs H Holderness