World Music Week in Early Years

The children had a fantastic time listening to a range of music from around the world. They identified the countries that many instruments originated from and explored making  a range of sounds.



During hot extreme weather days

Please remember to send your child with a sun hat, and apply sun cream in the morning.

During extreme weather days, we will be limiting the time that children are outside.

When our children are outside at playtime, they will be in shaded areas. They will not be running around or playing ball games in areas exposed to the sun.

We will endeavour to keep our classrooms as cool as possible.

We will always ensure there is drinking water available for our children in the classrooms.


Sun safety advice from Cancer Research


06/01/2022   Bishop King Ofsted Inspection Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to inform you that, following our recent inspection, Bishop King school has been graded ‘Good’ in all areas.

Congratulations to the staff on achieving this well-deserved recognition of their commitment and dedication to Bishop King school.

Thank you to our governors who commit so much time and energy to support us all.

Well done to our pupils; we are very proud of you.

Thank you, parents and carers, for all your support.

We look forward to continuing to move forward together.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs H Wheatley M.A.


Bishop King Ofsted Inspection Report